Poetry Boak

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Our current Scots word of the week is ‘Boak’. Ken whit it means? Visitors to our Facebook page certainly did, and were kind enough to pen these poems on the subject. We think they’re braw!

Cracked open an egg,
Didnae ken it wis broke,
Til oot came a stench,
That gied me tha boak!
So nae eggs fir ma brekkie,
Jist cornflakes instead,
Ah mibbe jist forgit it,
An gang awa’ back tae bed!

– Paul C.

Ma weans were mockit
Been playin in the mud
Broon hair and nails and faces they hud
A filled up the bath, wae bubbles n stuff
Then wan by wan a gave them a scrub
U shoulda seen the water turn into a bog
When I pulled out the plug ‘oh my god’
The stuff at the bottom, I tell ya, no joke
Was enough to gie any mother the boak!

– Lynsey F.

Gonae write your own Scots poem? We’d love to hear it!


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