A Day in the Life of Visitor Services Assistant

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Do you like working with people? Fancy a job where no day is quite the same? Visitor services could be the museum job for you!

What’s the first thing you did when you arrived this morning?

First thing I did today was open Burns Cottage and do the housework! The cottage entranceway and exit are swept out and the glass on the displays is cleaned of dust, sticky fingermarks etc. After that, I liaised with our education team about the days bookings/activities/events.

Give me a brief description of what you did today.

Today I have checked emails and replied to customer enquiries. Set up tills and spent some time on the admissions desk dealing with unexpected coach parties, actors rehearsing for a play and other visitors. Then it was back to the office to order stock for the shop and book in for training courses over the next few weeks.
In the afternoon I got myself dressed up as Tam O’Shanter and went into town to do an event for the Burns an a’ That festival which happens every year. This mainly involved wandering Ayr high street pretending to be drunk and hiding from Tam’s wife, Kate who was on the lookout for me!

How would you describe a normal day in the life of a Visitor Services Assistant?

Day to day mostly revolves round making sure our visitors have an enjoyable visit to the property. Helping them find their way around the site, answering any questions I’m able to and finding out the answers to any I don’t. (Sure as fate, someone else will ask the same question the next day!)


What’s your favourite thing about the job?

My favourite thing about this job is meeting people from all round the world. We get a lot of interesting folk through the doors, everything from people doing research for books and family history, family days out and school trips all the way through to someone who was cycling the length of the UK and just stopped off for an ice cream!

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you working at RBMM so far?

The strangest thing I have done so far has probably been our Halloween event. I spent the evening hiding in a field, jumping out on visitors while waving a scythe and dressed as a ghost. Then forgot about the dressing up part and went to a pub quiz in full costume….

Alloway Auld Kirk up lit at night time by purple lights


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