Burns Night Recipe – Haggis Pakora (which can be Vegetarian & Dairy Free)

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Haggis Pakora

Finished product !

Following the fabulous and super tasty ‘Haggis in the Hole’ recipe here are some Home-made Haggis Pakoras. Perfect Burns Night party food these are easy, fun and great to make with friends. I first made these when celebrating Diwali and they now feature as my go to party food.


  • One medium Haggis cooked (you can use vegetarian haggis)
  • 150g Gram Flour
  • 1 teaspoon chilli powder
  • 1 tablespoon powdered cumin
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh coriander
  • Some salt
  • 150ml Natural Yogurt (I used 150 ml of Alpro Soya Yoghurt to make these lactose free)
  • One whole lemon juiced
  • Oil for frying


  • Cook the Haggis following the instructions on the packaging. Once cooked, scoop out the insides getting rid of the haggis skin and break up the meat with a fork. Set this to the side.
  • Now mix the chilli powder, cumin, coriander and salt with the Gram Flour in a large mixing bowl.
  • Then add the yoghurt and lemon juice and mix into a thick batter.Pakora Batter
  • Roll the haggis into small ish balls and dip them into the pakora batter and sit them on some parchment.

Preping the Haggis for the batter

  • Now heat the oil in a pan . Make sure the oil is hot enough before you fry the pakora by dropping a bit of batter into the pan. If it fizzles then it is hot enough.
  • Drop the pakora into the pan until the batter is cooked and is a golden brown colour. Set them on some parchment or on a wire rack to cool slightly before eating.


Cooking the Haggis Pakora

Cooking the Pakoras





Serving suggestion – When I have these at home I love them with some chilli dipping sauce and a wee bit of salad! Also feel free to mix up your spices to your own taste!

Written by Catriona, Learning Intern , inspired by friends and the tastes of  India.  Photographs by kind permission of Alistair Copeland.


One thought on “Burns Night Recipe – Haggis Pakora (which can be Vegetarian & Dairy Free)

    Denyse Presley said:
    January 22, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    This would be lovely served with extra yoghurt and a spicy tomato sauce: coriander, ginger and chilli?

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