Meet the Team

In an effort to make our visitors, supporters and audiences feel more connected to the property, we’ve created a blog series called “Meet the Team”, in which various staff across all teams at the site answered the same questionnaire to enable you, our readers, to get to know them better.

We hope this will allow you to recognise some faces – and even encourage you to initiate a wee blether whenever you do visit us, whether you’re one of our locals who visits us everyday, a NTS member who visits frequently, a Burnsian through and through who visits a few times a year or an international visitor who hasn’t yet got round to visiting us in wee Alloway – but it’s on their to-do-list.

The questions cover some property related themes like favourite Scots words, most loved facts, songs or poems by The Bard, but there’s a few fun personal ones too, so you get a feel for the staff member themselves. There are only 10 questions so it won’t take long to read through and they are include some relevant links and photos.