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Haggis infestation at Burns Cottage

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On a derk stormy nicht in Burns statue square,

The wind was a–whistling in bonnie auld Ayr.

The fairy was perching on top of the tree,

And spreiding her magic as far as the sea.

When jingling and jangling along came a sleigh,

With lood hertie gollers of ‘Get oot the way!’

The Christmas tree fairy had barely keeked round,

When a sleigh-full of Christmas sped past to the ground!

 Santa crash

The fairy’s best wand was snapped in the fray,

But the sleigh kept on streeking t’wards auld Alloway.

Now Santa is staying in Robert Burns’s hoose,

His favourite new poem is Burns’s ‘Tae a moose’.

santa with brandy

The fairy is mending her wand in the Spence,

While Mrs Claus stirs in the puddings’ twa pence.

A magical kiss will save Christmas day,

Get the elves back to Lapland and cloot up the sleigh!

If you hear ower Alloway jingles on high,

Then Santa’s set off, leuk up to the sky!

Redd up all your stockings, line up the mince pies

And come to the Cottage for a Santa Surprise…

Christmas, Crafts and Cyclamen

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Christmas has well and truly arrived this week at Burns Cottage, with a whole host of events getting underway. Our fantastic volunteers have worked hard to bring visitors two fairs; one selling festive arts and crafts in conjunction with our monthly farmer’s market, and the other selling Christmas plants including cyclamen, holly sprigs and wreaths! A lot of time and effort went into creating these displays and they flew off the shelves, spreading some Christmas cheer to the neighbourhood. We would like to say a big thank you to everybody who helped out with the events, and also to everyone who came along on the day!

craft fair

Elsewhere, Burns Cottage has been playing host to Santa Claus, Mrs Claus and various little helpers, who mistakenly ended up in Alloway after taking a wrong turning on the way back from their holidays. Christmas preparations are firmly underway, with everybody’s letters being re-directed from the North Pole. Although Santa’s arm is currently in a sling, the doctor assures us he will be fighting fit again by Christmas Eve, so don’t forget to leave out plenty of mince pies and carrots! Again a big thanks to all our volunteers and staff who have made Santa’s stay so comfortable… who knows, he may even visit us again next year!

We are also preparing for our Alloway1759 celebrations at the end of January, so watch this space for further information on the events and activities we will be running then… it promises to be a fantastic weekend for all.

We at Robert Burns Birthplace Museum hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Alloway Primary Takeover (The Film)

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Alloway Primary Takeover (The Film)

P6 of Alloway Primary took over the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum for a day! After a run up of only 3 days of training in class led by museum staff they were greeting visitors, leading object handling sessions, live tweeting and showing passers by how to make their own quill pens.  Some of the pupils made short videos to show our visitors what they got up to and you can see the highlights by following the title link.